New Project


I've noticed a tendency in my life to accumulate things. I've purchased libraries I've yet to read. I hold on to old computers and broken tools with the hope that they may be someday useful. But, more than these, I collect ideas.

It's fun to come up with ideas and fall in love with them, but it's another thing to execute them well. It's as easy to excuse progress on those fun ideas as well -- for legitimate reasons or otherwise. Personally, I get a bit frustrated by my lack of progress on these projects. I haven't developed the talent for writing fiction that I'd like nor have I spent more than a half-hearted attempt at creating any of the stories I've dreamt up. I've sat on software development ideas long enough to see someone else implement them and see amazing chances for the success of the project roll past.

I've considered idea purges from time-to-time as a way to get them out into the wild or into the hands of someone a bit more dedicated to their success than myself. But, usually, creative people have their own ideas already. They've got their own cache of accumulated projects.

So, it's time to purge some of these another way. I'm going to work on one of the ones that's probably already missed it's heyday. It'll be good to practice some of the architectural things I'm learning / have learned and I still think it's a useful, albeit difficult to sell, idea. But, mostly, I'm looking forward to having finally built this thing.

Part of the plan involves me posting details about the project online as I'm going through the process. But, there's a hitch. I don't really want to broadcast what this project is or what it does until I'm ready to release it. I don't really know how well that's going to go, but it's worth a shot.

But, in the spirit of the past, I'd like to take a little time to delay my progress and tweak this website instead.