New Year


I'm not sure how it happened, but, every new year, in spite of my prior resolutions to not make any more resolutions, I end up overly focused on things I want to change. Unfortunately, it doesn't always translate into some useful activity like discovery and problem solving. This website is a prime example. Sure, putting a new coat of paint on it is fun every now and again (which I did again today), but there are reasons I've jettisoned prior content and started over. The truth is, I really don't like this website very much.

Lack of Purpose

One problem is that it's purposeless HTML. It fills a small corner of the internet on a tiny VM and all of the bandwidth it consumes is from me tooling around. I'm not writing to do anything, really. I used to think -- a long time ago in a college far away -- that I would study religion, philosophy, and politics and publish information and arguments online as a way of progressing the way people think about those topics. I wanted to participate in the discourse to get us past the silly things that hold us down intellectually (myself included). Of course, that's fairly naive and not at all what I've done (did I mention I was in college getting my Philosophy degree?). The closest I've gotten are some decently researched/written papers, a few abandoned attempts at some books on Mormonism, a slew of terrible forum/blog posts, and no real desire to try.

Later, I thought I should do something similar with technical articles.

Lack of Direction

Then there's what I would write about. My interests are varied and my desire (and time-availability) fluctuates. I get project ideas like Homer Simpson drinks beer and I lack the discipline to accomplish them. I find tons of things interesting and have varying levels of experience / skill in them.

If You Can't Beat 'Em

So, I think I'm just going to try and embrace my purposelessness and directionlessness and switch up the format a little bit more. Happy New Year!