Menu for the Week


I'm not the sort of cook that can McGuyver a meal out of random pantry items -- I may never be. I'm also pretty terrible at walking around a grocery store and knowing what to grab. If I don't have a list, all I think about are pre-packaged meals, the deli, and snack food. So, lately, I've been creating menus. Menus are an easy way for me to put recipes together for a week, buy the groceries I need, and focus on learning how to make tasty, fresh, home-cooked food. This week, it looks a little something like this:

Here I am on Wednesday -- long after dinner -- and things have been going acceptably. Everything I've produced has been at least decent and I can see where I need to head with some of the recipes. The "Fish and Chips" experiment tonight actually turned out pretty well. I'm a bit surprised because I mixed a few recipes and had to guess a bit as to what might work. The pasta experiment still needs more work and there are some parts I haven't even tried yet there (i.e. making fresh pasta), but, even as it was, it was perfectly fine -- just not where I want it.