More on Death and Disease in Christianity


So, I ran across a video relating folding chairs to different views of salvation in my Facebook feed (again) and now I'm wondering how it holds up to the problems I'm having. In the video, the priest summarizes the fall a bit differently than I did in a fairly subtle way. He talks about God not prescribing death or giving us over to death, but humanity corrupting creation. So, in this view, God doesn't create death -- other free agents do. Re-reading some of Fr. Romanides "The Ancestral Sin", he states that "God permitted death and the dissolution of man so that, on the one hand, evil would not be eternal and, on the other hand, He could create man anew in the resurrection. Moreover, with the spectacle of death, He could give man the opportunity to repent and to be tested by temptations." (p. 158) So, he seems to agree.

But, I still feel like that doesn't jibe with the problem I mentioned before. I'm not really talking about the evil that people do or that actions that people take. I'm talking about the things that happen apart from that. This doesn't seem to help with a struggle about viruses and bacteria and biological problems that don't have a known basis in any kind of action. Unless those kinds of things have a human cause beyond merely the fall, it still seems odd to me that they would exist.