The Great Steak Hypothesis


Well. It's an okay hypothesis. Well not really a "hypothesis" in any scientific sense. Look. I just want to try something you pedant!

I've been reading and watching videos and having people show me the "right way" to cook a steak. My step-dad actually makes an amazing steak and I've been trying to repeat his technique for some time (mostly without the same amount of success because I do things differently than he does for various reasons). So, there are a list of things I do currently whenever I cook steak.

Things were going well (for cooking well-done steaks, anyway). Then I watched / read Julia Moskin's Cast-Iron Steak recipe in the New York Times. She salts the pan, but not the meat. I watched Omar Allibhoy make a Spanish paella. He salts what looks to me like a cast-iron pan too. Google lead me to a blog post by Karen Ahn and, from there, I've got a new set of things I want to try.

Before cooking, I want to leave the process the same, except that I think I'll wipe off the seasoning with a paper towel and re-dry the steaks. Additionally, I'm want to salt the pan with coarse salt (kosher or sea). And maybe use an herbed-butter instead of just butter or let the steaks rest on some herb-bed.